How it works

Hopskip provides tools for New Zealand tourism operators to promote their business directly to adventurers without paying the exorbitant commissions charged by large overseas travel sites and booking agencies. With Hopskip, operators have the option of a free listing. For operators looking to expand their listing as part of their marketing strategy, our flat-fee pricing model offers a simple, fixed monthly fee regardless of how many bookings are referred from our site.  view our pricing

Where we’re at

Operators across the nation have been listed on Hopskip as a starting point to reignite our local tourism industry. Each listing has contact information and a link to the operator’s website. We’re now encouraging all operators to claim their listing and enhance it with key information such as their business logo, a full description, photos, ratings, map location and social media links.

To claim an existing listing sign up with your business email & you will be automatically assigned unclaimed listings with that email, sign up here.  For those not yet listed, you can sign up here.  And if you don't wish to come along for the adventure, you can contact us here to have your listing removed.

Where we’re going

Over the coming months we’ll be adding more features to the site. We’re most excited about our Community feature that we’ve got in the works for operators. We know local businesses thrive off of word-of-mouth, and they love returning the favour by sharing their own personal recommendations with adventurers.

It’s a huge part of what makes a local experience just that.

We don’t want to do it alone

An integral part of Hopskip’s success at challenging the tourism status quo is making sure we give you what you need. We want to hear which features you would like to see added to the site to help support and drive bookings for your business. Please share your feedback, ideas, and questions with us. We would love to hear from you - anytime. Contact us here.